why this world going to end ......

> a to conceit procurement addicted population>

needing no instructions to a decent livelihood>
needing no jesus christ .....

but idiots !
and an unholy Roman empire as occupiers ......

> a conceit procurement criminal population .... 400 year  ago >
needing no reality to know!

but an
imagination procurement pope!
to foster their
conceit of a sanctity .....

> an insane imagination procurement population>
will not be needing wise leaders !

but only those ...... creating more madness .....

> this conceit procurement criminal population today>
will not need a manual to a decent world !
a possible existence in 100 years > at all>

but a delusional incendi .....
and billions> other procurement criminals !
whose entire goal>

the ultimate victory
over all inteligent life!

because only if all ascending homo sapiens >
are immediately destroyed > the criminal Procurement>
continually > can go on !

and no wisdom > no conversation .....

so we would need to keep ..... all criminal procurement criminals >
from destroying our world ....

destroying every human with their criminal behavior !
facing the reality >

so .... we need a public truth !